Are you searching for top quality pavers or setts at an attractive price? Or are you searching for the most beautiful type of natural stone or ceramic tile for your pavement? Then you have come to the right place. We are specialists in old and new paving materials and have a very wide range of products.


Pavers are often referred to as baked paving or street pavers. It is a high quality product that looks natural. Baked paving is often used as public road paving, but we also find them a lot in gardens and terraces.
We also have clay pavers in our assortment. Clay pavers are reused pavers with a nice smooth worn appearance.

The advantages of pavers:

• Suitable for classic to modern style
• The stone is and remains colourfast
• The natural appearance remains preserved as the stone ages
• High quality
• Wear resistant
• Maintenance-friendly
• Durable
• Budget-friendly
• Excellent to combine with natural stone
• Very suitable for paving work in inner cities, but certainly also for constructing a driveway.

Whatever appearance you seek, we have the paver you are looking for! From baked pavers in ‘kei’, ‘dik’, ‘waal’ or ‘rijn’ format, we have it all in our very wide range.

Go to our product page to view a selection of our range or visit our showroom (see opening hours). We are happy to help you.


Setts, also known as ‘kinderkopjes’, are durable and long lasting. It is a colourfast stone and available in all kinds of materials and colours! The setts are often used as paving, but certainly also for the construction of walls or wells.

The advantages of setts:

• Fits all types of homes.
• Durable
• Maintenance-friendly
• Robust and strong
• Easy to repair
• Get more beautiful over time

We have an extensive range of setts in many types of material, including porphyry, granite, melaphyre and basalt setts. Go to our product page to view our range. Would you like to visit our showroom? Feel free to drop by, we are happy to help you there!

Natural stone

We have been a household name for years as the supplier of a wide range of natural stone tiles. Think of black-grey basalt, boulders, wear-resistant granite, limestone tiles and sandstone.

We import the natural stone directly and therefore we can offer the best quality of these natural stone products at very competitive prices. As a result, natural stone is also an alternative to custom solutions in concrete.

The advantages of natural stone:

• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
• Comfortable and heat conducting
• Very wear and colourfast
• Practical in use; easy to clean and not much maintenance is required.
• User-friendly and stylish
• Timeless and suitable for any interior
• Available in all kinds of materials, sizes, colours and finishes
• As the tile is made out of one piece, this type of stone cracks less quickly and is less susceptible to damage.
• With normal use, natural stone will last a lifetime.

We often supply our natural stone to municipalities, gardeners and landscape architects. Natural stone is extremely suitable to use in public spaces. Think of squares, planters, paving, or works of art, inner-city projects and outdoor spaces. In addition to all this, natural stone is also very suitable for a terrace, a garden path, a driveway or to use indoor.

Are you looking for beautiful natural stone, visit our showroom! We are happy to help and advise you!


Our ceramic tiles are the best of both worlds due to the combination of 1 cm ceramic on 3 cm concrete. This allows you to enjoy stylish, very high quality, Italian ceramics and at the same time benefit from the relatively simple and affordable processing costs of a concrete tile.

The combination of these two different materials represents a technical challenge. Especially for decorative paving. Firstly to permanently connect the materials and secondly to maintain this connection under all circumstances such as moisture, frost and heat. Previously, such a construction seemed impossible, given the different physical properties of the two materials. For example, the shrinkage and expansion differences seemed insurmountable but thanks to unique components, this has been made possible in a sustainable way.

The ceramic tiles at J. Visser are of Italian quality. The exclusive prints are eye-catching and our selection ranges from subtle colours to an exuberant marble look. Whether you choose a natural stone look, hard stone look or an industrial design such as concrete look, you can enjoy it for years with minimal maintenance. The top layer is guaranteed to be colour and wear resistant.

Advantages of ceramic tiles:

• Stain and acid resistant
• Does not discolour
• Scratch resistant
• Outside less likely to obtain a green (slippery) deposit
• Easy to keep clean and therefore low maintenance
• Very user-friendly

Soft and light tones give a southern and Mediterranean feel to your terrace. A major advantage of these ceramic tiles is that the light colours also remain beautiful and can be kept clean without too much effort.

If you would like to view our range of ceramic tiles, please visit our product page for a part of the collection. Of course you are always welcome in our showroom. We are happy to show you the possibilities!