J. Visser not only works for businesses, but also for you as a private person!

You want to redecorate your garden but are overwhelmed. Where should you start and what fits well for your home? What are the options and are you not forgetting anything? J. Visser will be happy to help you with this. Our large selection ensures that you can always create the desired atmosphere in your garden. From a modern sleek look to a romantic atmosphere. Everything is possible!

Paving the garden

We can supply you with all the material you need to create your garden. Do you have no knowledge of paving yourself and/or would rather outsource it? J. Visser is the right place for you. When you choose us, you choose professionals. We only work with skilled landscape installers who ensure that the construction of the work is carried out with care and attention. They work professionally and very accurately, as you may expect from us.

Have you become curious about the possibilities? Feel free to visit our showroom during opening hours. If you prefer to make an appointment, that is of course also possible. We are happy to help and assist you!

Some examples: