Setts or ‘kinderkopjes’ have been used to pave roads since ancient times. Granite setts can be recognized by their regular cut shape and glittering grain. This regularity in shape is formed because this rock is split mechanically. The advantage of this street material is that it is rock solid and requires little maintenance. To create paving or driveways in a classic style, granite setts are the ideal solution.


Porphyry is a very hard rock and is a form of granite. However, this igneous rock contains large crystals, minerals and uneven grains. This makes the texture coarser. Porphyry setts are often used in the construction of streets due to their hardness and resistance to pressure and wear. These hand-crafted paving stones have a striking appearance, creating a characteristic streetscape. They are also suitable as foundation for railway tracks. These porphyry setts can also be used as an ornamental stone for laying a driveway or as ornamental stone in the garden. The colours of the porphyry setts vary from grey and green to blue.


The Belgian sandstone sett is often supplied as a recycled sett. This is because this natural stone has not been mined in the Belgian quarries since the early 1960s. The sandstone sett is a type of sandstone that wears nicely because it is a relatively soft stone. As a result, this hand-cut sett is beautifully flat and creates a typical feel and character. Its unique colours develop over the years, something that new cut setts lack. This ornamental stone is often used for paving and construction of a driveway. The sandstone setts are available in the colours grey, brown or ochre.


Basalt setts or ‘kinderkoppen’ are formed from igneous rock and are similar to granite. Because this type of natural stone has undergone rapid solidification, it is compact and has an even appearance. Due to its hardness, basalt setts or ‘kinderkoppen’ are wear-resistant and weatherproof and therefore very suitable for the construction of driveways and streets. The colours in which basalt is available are light grey, dark grey or black.


Hardstone is often characterized by its grey or blue-grey colour. The limestone setts are defined by an even surface and, as the name suggests, are wear-resistant. This hardstone/limestone is weatherproof and also resistant to frost. The hardstone setts contain a pattern of fossils and white crystals. Hardstone is suitable for decorative use for paving your terrace, garden or driveway. The hardstone we offer is mostly Belgian or Chinese limestone.

Examples of setts: